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The Beagle Channel and Almanza Port

Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and Islands of the South Atlantic Ocean

The extraordinary natural Beagle Channelcalled Onashaga in Yagánconnects the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean. It extends along the whole south shore of Tierra del Fuego island, creating amazing landscapes that include snowy mountains, forests, small islands, and fjords.

You can visit this place all year round. Some activities are only carried out from October to April and some will be conditioned to weather conditions, such as navigating the channel.

What to see
Sailing the Beagle Channel

The best way to explore the canal is to navigate it. From the port, located in the center of Ushuaia, excursions depart by catamaran and sailboat to enjoy its wonderful landscapes and islands, some of them inhabited by large colonies of sea lions - such as Isla de los Lobos - and waterfowl - such as the island of birds. On Martillo Island you can see Magellanic penguins, a small colony of gentoo penguins, and occasionally king penguins. Starting in September, excursions leave from the tourist port of Ushuaia that include the possibility of disembarking on the island.

During the navigations, icons of the area are also visited such as the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, the Harberton ranch—the first on the island, founded in 1886—and the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Cruises to Antarctica and Punta Arenas

Cruises leave from the port of Ushuaia to Antarctica on a 1000 km voyage, and to Punta Arenas (Chile), sailing through different fjords and Cape Horn.

The cruise season to travel to the White Continent is from November to March. You can sail on an expedition ship, a large ship, or a luxurious cruise. These voyages vary in duration: some take 10 days while others last 3 weeks. 

Adventure and diving

Kayaking or canoeing can be superb excursions. Diving in the channel is a must: be ready to spot submerged forests of cachiyuyo, an enormous type of algae that creates a particular ecosystem with fish, octopuses, anemones and other types of invertebrates.

Almanza Port

This small harbour for traditional fishers is famous for its cuisine. You can witness how King Crabs and other species of seafood are caught, and then taste them at a restaurant on that same day. You may walk along different trails and sail on small boats. This attraction is 70 km from Ushuaia.


How to get there and move around

Different ships and boats depart from the tourist port located in downtown Ushuaia.

To reach Almanza Port and Estancia Harberton, you must drive 74 km from Ushuaia on National Route 3 and secondary road J. You can get there by car, take a tour or take a taxi.

Where to stay

Ushuaia offers a wide variety of accommodations, from hostels and inns to cottages, apart hotels, and 3, 4 and 5-star hotels. Harberton farm provides accommodation and food services.


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