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Comodoro Rivadavia and surrounding areas


Comodoro Rivadavia is the biggest city in Chubut. Very close to the city, there are several natural destinations to explore, like the petrified forests or the simple and charming city of Rada Tilly, with its blue sea and huge beaches that appear with low tide.

You can visit all year round. To enjoy the sun and the beach, go from December through March.

What to see
Rada Tilly

Located 13 km south of Comodoro, Rada Tilly has great beaches to truly enjoy the summer, and is an important centre of activities, like diving, kitesurfing, land sailing and paragliding.

Punta Marqués

Very close to Rada Tilly, the Punta Marqués Protected Nature Area provides spectacular panoramic views of the ocean and the coasts, where you will see birds, a colony of sea lions and, depending on the time of the year, you will also see Southern right whales, humpback and sei whales, dusky dolphins and Commerson's dolphins.

Rocas Coloradas

Rocas Coloradas Protected Nature Area (located 20 km north of Comodoro) is a little-known place with an access road suitable only for certain vehicles. This place will amaze you with its lunar and almost Martian landscapes, with geological formations and petrified tree trunks of over 60 million years old with colours contrasting with the blue sea.

There are also archaeological traces of ancient native people, and you can see guanacos, hares, sea and coastal birds, sea lions and even whales.


Another place that will take you back in time is the Sarmiento Petrified Forest, located 28 km away from Sarmiento and 156 km away from Comodoro Rivadavia. In this place, you will find huge petrified tree trunks over 65 years old that were part of the ancient forest that used to cover the current steppe.

How to get there and move around
By car, bus or plane to Comodoro Rivadavia.

The best option to tour the area departing from Comodoro is by car or with a tour.

There are regular bus services from Comodoro Rivadavia to Rada Tilly and Sarmiento.
Where to stay
Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly have several accommodation options, like hotels, inns, cottages and camping sites, there are also bars, restaurants and beach facilities.
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