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Las Grutas and surrounding areas

Río Negro

Las Grutas is the most popular beach in Río Negro. It is located on the San Antonio Bay, where you will also encounter the San Antonio Oeste and San Antonio Este beaches. What is the best of Las Grutas? Its coastal landscapes, beaches with cliffs, caves that appear with low tide, sea fauna and nautical activities, including diving.

You can visit all year round. To enjoy the sun and the beach, go from November through March. To observe the fauna, check the calendar. Recommended for family trips.

What to see
Beaches in the San Matías Gulf

Choose a spot and enjoy beach life. The waters of Las Grutas can reach up to 20°C and are one of the warmest waters in the Argentine coast.

If you want a peaceful place, there are several quiet beaches that you cannot miss in the San Matías Gulf area, such as Punta Perdices (73 km away from Las Grutas) with transparent waters and white sand.

Very close to the small fishing village of San Antonio Este, you will find Las Conchillas Beach, famous for the white seashells that cover the sand. There is also another beach, Punta Villarino, with golden sand and a sea lion colony.

Las Grutas Underwater Park

Las Grutas is one of the best places for diving in Argentina thanks to its clear waters.

Among its attractions, you will find the Underwater Park, made of artificial reefs created from the sinking of four ships. There are specific areas for first dives and other deeper areas for seasoned divers.

Sea fauna observation

Boat navigation tours depart from Las Grutas to observe the sea fauna, including sea lions, dolphins, and between August and October, whales.

The whole area is ideal for birdwatching or wildlife photography. San Antonio Bay is considered an IBA site (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area), and every year it hosts the Migratory Beach Birds Festival.

How to get there and move around

By car or by bus (there are regular services to Las Grutas and San Antonio Oeste).

Where to stay

Las Grutas provides a great variety of accommodation options, as well as restaurants, especially during the summer season (December-March).

San Antonio Oeste and San Antonio Este also have hotels, vacation rentals, inns and camping sites.

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