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Potrerillos, Cacheuta and Cordón del Plata Provincial Park


A tunnel on Provincial Route 82 connects the foothill area in Cacheuta (known for its hot springs) and the dam and reservoir in Potrerillos. From this point all the way to the Cordón del Plata, you can enjoy different adventure activities.

You can visit Potrerillos and Cacheuta all year round. To visit the Cordón del Plata Park and embark on adventure activities, the best time is from October to April.

What to see

On the banks of the Mendoza River, Cacheuta is famous for its hot springs, with temperatures ranging between 28° and 40 °C. It is located inside the Hot Springs Park, which offers hotels, restaurants and grocery stores, and where you can also do some adventure activities.


In the old train station of Cacheuta, there is a hanging bridge over the river, and a little further down, there is a tunnel on Provincial Route 82, which leads to Potrerillos bordering the lake.


Surrounded by astonishing landscapes, in the dam and reservoir in Potrerillos, you can go kayaking, kitesurfing, zip lining, rappelling, horseback riding, sailing, fly fishing and birdwatching. Also, the Mendoza River, which flows into the Potrerillos dam, is a great place for rafting.


In the area there are several picturesque mountain villages, cottages, camping sites and places for hiking or rock climbing.

Cordón del Plata Provincial Park

With peaks of almost 6000 MSL, the Cordón del Plata Provincial Park is the place chosen by mountain climbers to get trained before attempting to ascend the Aconcagua. It is also a popular place for trekking lovers, who are after amazing landscapes with glaciers, rivers of melted ice and archaeological heritage. There are low, medium and high difficulty ascents, as well as day hikes (if you have no experience in the high mountains, go with a guide).

How to get there and move around

Cacheuta is located 40 km away from Mendoza Capital City along Provincial Route 82 (paved). If you follow 14 km down along this route, you will reach Potrerillos, in the intersection with National Route 7.


Another alternative to reach Potrerillos from Mendoza Capital City is to drive south along National Route 40 (dual carriageway) and then take National Route 7 (in total, there are 70 km of paved road).


From Potrerillos to the Cordón del Plata Provincial Park, you need to drive 9 km along Provincial Route 89 (paved) up to El Carmelo. From this point, there are 14 km of gravel road up to the Park Ranger Station.

Where to stay

Potrerillos provides accommodation options, restaurants and all the services. Cacheuta has a hotel with hot springs, cuisine options and a grocery store. Vallecito is located inside the provincial park and it has an inn, several refuges and some cottages.

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