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San Guillermo National Park

San Juan

It is one of the least visited national parks in the country: it is a wild and rugged area of difficult access, ideal for adventure lovers. A spectacle with vast and incredible landscapes, with steep cliffs and immense deserts, surrounded by the mountain range and its foothills.

The best time to visit is during the autumn and spring. Free admission. Certified guide required.

What to see
Winding roads

Just getting to the park is a whole adventure in itself. Registration is required at the Park Ranger Station located in Rodeo. A 5-hour trip along winding roads, with stretches in regular to bad condition, only suitable for 4WD vehicles.


It is required to hire a certified guide and submit a health certificate. Given the park's elevation and for safety reasons, the tour is done almost completely on vehicles.

Punto Panorámico Circuit

The Punto Panorámico Circuit is one of the two circuits available in the park. To the north of the Agua del Godo refuge, there is a viewpoint at 3760 MSL. From here, you will see the amazing Imán Mountain and the Llano de Los Leones, filled with vicunas and guanacos.

Caserones Circuit 

The Caserones Circuit (5 km) is located south of the Agua del Godo refuge. After the San Guillermo River gorge, and the Potosí Mountain, you will reach the Caserones meadows, where you will find rounded granite outcrops emerging between the La Cueva River. You can walk around old farmyards (a 350-metre circuit) that offer an incredible panoramic view of the granite outcrops.

How to get there and move around

You can reach the park from the city of Rodeo. There are two ways of reaching this area from San Juan Capital City: through Valle de Iglesia, along National Route 40 and 149 (196 km), or through Jáchal, along National Route 40 and 150 (206 km).


From Villa Unión (La Rioja) there are 191 km along National Route 40 and 150, also passing through Jáchal.

Where to stay

The Agua del Godo Operational Centre is the only site open to tourists. It offers accommodation with 12 rooms, kitchen, dining room and toilet facilities. It does not provide sleeping bags, insulated pads or cookers, and you need to take your own wood. Prior reservation required. No camping is allowed.

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