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Yabotí Biosphere Reserve and Moconá Provincial Park


Near El Soberbio, some 4 hours by car from the Iguazú Falls, there is a very picturesque region where the rainforest, the farms, the Uruguay River and the Brazilian influence create a unique identity. This is the great Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, which includes Moconá Provincial Park and its jaw-dropping waterfalls, parallel to the river bed.

This place can be visited all year round. January and February are very hot. The Moconá Falls are not always visible and access may be interrupted in case of high river levels.

What to see
Yabotí Biosphere Reserve

Yabotí Biosphere Reserve is a large protected area that includes public and private nature reserves, as well as some managed by indigenous peoples, where jungle and rainforest landscapes blend with fields, yerba mate crops, citronella grasslands and the influence of Brazilian culture.


A way to discover this reserve from El Soberbio is to stay in jungle inns or lodges, which also offer excursions. Likewise, nature reserves offer different services and guided tours.

Moconá Provincial Park

With almost a thousand hectares, the park boasts 4400 metres of trails to immerse yourself in nature, learn about the flora and fauna of the place and make excursions to the Moconá Falls. Even if the waterfalls are not visible, it is a spectacular place to enjoy nature, the jungle and some beautiful cascades.


The place also has a service area, parking space, restrooms, restaurant, grocery and a souvenir and crafts shop. Bear in mind that if the level of the Yabotí Stream is high, the park may be closed. Always check in advance.

Moconá Falls

A unique phenomenon. A fault that runs lengthwise the Uruguay River, on the border with Brazil, forms 3 kilometres of longitudinal waterfalls amidst the rainforest. The water literally crashes down “sideways” into the lower half of the fault line, as if the river was split down in the middle.  


To discover these falls it is necessary to hire a boat trip. Bear in mind that the falls are not always visible. If the river level is high, the falls disappear.

How to get there and move around

The main gateway to the region is El Soberbio, by asphalt road, with regular bus services from Posadas and Puerto Iguazú.


Sixty-three kilometres (by asphalt road) separate El Soberbio from the entrance to the provincial park.

Where to stay

In El Soberbio and its surroundings, there is a wide offering of accommodation that includes inns, cabins, hotels and lodges that will enable you to experience the jungle from within.

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