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Salto Encantado Provincial Park


The green shades of the rainforest, the red dirt, a deep canyon and a waterfall hidden amidst the vegetation are the setting of a tragic love story legend. The towns of Aristóbulo del Valle and Villa Salto Encantado are the gateways to discover enchanted viewpoints, trails and wildlife.

It can be visited all year round. January and February are very hot. It is a great family destination. Park entry fees apply.

What to see
Salto Encantado

A beautiful 64-metre waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation and cliffs. This place also has a network of trails to walk the forest and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the waterfall from several balconies and viewpoints. It is a great place to spend the day or go camping, and an unmissable site for bird watchers. 


There is a service area with parking space, a restaurant, WiFi, grocery and crafts shop.


In addition, there are astrotourism tours to discover the cosmovision of the Mbya Guaraní people in the night sky.

Cuña Pirú Municipal Nature Park

Eight kilometres away from Aristóbulo del Valle, along Provincial Route 7, this park has a beach on the banks of the Cuña Pirú Stream, two interpretative trails to reach the heart of the forest and a campsite with services.

Scenic Route: from Aristóbulo del Valle to Jardín América

During the 40 km trip from Aristóbulo del Valle to Jardín América along Provincial Route 7 (asphalt-paved), you will cross the valley of the Cuña Pirú Stream whilst enjoying breathtaking views of the forest and mountains of Misiones. 


This meandering road, with great viewpoints and panoramic spots, also leads to some Mbya Guaraní communities. At the intersection with Provincial Route 223, and just 3 kilometres off Provincial Route 7, you can visit the Cuña Pirú Waterfall, where there is a campsite (with services in summer only). The waterfall is not very high, but it is 25 metres wide and forms a charming natural pool that is ideal for swimming.

How to get there and move around

There are regular bus services to Aristóbulo del Valle from Posadas, Iguazú and other cities in Misiones.


Salto Encantado Provincial Park is nearly 11 km away from Aristóbulo del Valle along National Route 14 and Provincial Route 220.

Where to stay

Aristóbulo del Valle, Villa Salto Encantado and their surrounding areas offer a wide range of accommodation and service options, such as inns, hotels, cabins, campsites, restaurants and lodges in the heart of the rainforest.

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