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Teyú Cuaré Provincial Park and Horacio Quiroga’s House Inspiring rainforest


Very close to San Ignacio, famous for its Jesuit legacy, and just over 1 hour from Posadas, wherever you look, it is easy to feel part of Horacio Quiroga's stories.  


Grand views of the Paraná River, trails surrounded by nature and a deep emotion are all part of this visit to the house (now museum) of the writer who found inspiration and shelter in the rainforest.

It can be visited all year round. January and February are hot.

What to see
Teyú Cuaré Provincial Park

This place stands out for its huge stone walls over 200 metres high on the Paraná River, which make up one of the most noteworthy landscapes amidst the rainforest. 


Several medium difficulty trails offer magnificent views of the river and the neighbouring lands of Paraguay. The hike to the top is through a staircase made of rock blocks, which may be quite demanding and require stops for you to catch your breath. The panoramic views you will get are well worth the effort.


The place has toilet facilities, but no shops where you can buy food.

Horacio Quiroga’s House

On the banks of the Paraná River and surrounded by the rainforest that he described so vividly in his stories, the house where the Uruguayan writer Horacio Quiroga lived at the beginning of the 20th century is a visit that should not be missed. 


The museum exhibits some of the original furniture, many photos, manuscripts and various personal items.

How to get there and move around

From Posadas to San Ignacio, it is a 64 km trip northwards along National Route 12. 


From San Ignacio to Teyú Cuaré Park, it is an 8 km trip along an inner road.

Where to stay

Camping inside Teyú Cuaré is not allowed, but there are campsites in its surroundings and various accommodation and food options in San Ignacio and Posadas.

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