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Los Antiguos and Scenic Route 41

Santa Cruz

At the shore of Buenos Aires Lake, the small village of Los Antiguos is known for growing berries, strawberries and raspberries. This is also the gateway to Scenic Route 41 and Patagonia National Park.

The best time is between December and April. From May to November, Route 41 is closed. January and February are great months for tasting the fine fruits in Los Antiguos.

What to see
Los Antiguos

This small town in the northwest of the province of Santa Cruz is at the foot of the Andes mountain range and on the shores of Lake Buenos Aires. It is one of the most important lakes in Argentina and the second largest lake in South America and can be explored on board excursions or contemplated from several panoramic points.

Known as the National Capital of Cherry, between November and February you can get to know the life of the rural families of Los Antiguos in full harvest, or taste fresh products visiting family farms and establishments throughout the year. In January, the National Cherry Festival is celebrated.

Patagonia National Park

Only 20 km from Los Antiguos, along Provincial Route 43, you can visit the "Area La Ascensión" of the Patagonia National Park, where an old wool ranch operated, one of the most important in the region. Today, its facilities are recycled and reconverted: there is a visitor center, a cultural center, shelters, workshops, and more.

In addition to visiting its historic center, there are different trekking trails to reach the beaches of Lake Buenos Aires and La Meseta, through the El Rincón Post. There are also vehicular roads that reach viewpoints, hills and lagoons. More information on the unmissable Patagonia National Park.

Monte Zeballos scenic route

Provincial Route 41 —the most mountainous scenic route in Southern Patagonia and the highest in the province of Santa Cruz— covers 152 km of gravel from Los Antiguos to the town of Lago Posadas, a small town between mountains.

The road is a journey through the surprising landscapes of the northwest of the province, accompanying the Jeinimeni river. It crosses the plateau of Lake Buenos Aires, passing by viewpoints and basaltic fields and ascends to 1,520 meters in height at El Portezuelo Pass, its highest point. On clear days, you can see the two most impressive peaks in the area: Mount San Lorenzo —the highest in the province, at 3,706 meters— and Mount Zeballos —at 2,720 meters—, the great protagonist of this scenic route.

This scenic route can be traveled as part of the circuit that connects Los Antiguos, Lago Posadas and the Cueva de las Manos.

Marble Cathedrals (Chile)

Beyond the border, you will find beautiful epic formations of limestone surrounded by intense blue waters, one of the most stunning attractions in the Chilean Patagonia. These are found on the shore of General Carrera Lake, in the Aysén region. To explore these cathedrals, visitors can reach the area by motorboat or kayak.


The best time to visit them is from December to March. From Los Antiguos, go 178 km on Route 265, a gravel road, and along Carretera Austral (Route 7) up to Rio Tranquilo Port in Chile, the starting point of the visit. It is possible to get there by car or go on a guided tour.

How to get there and move around

The nearest airport to Los Antiguos is in Comodoro Rivadavia (Chubut), 456 km away. From this city, and through national routes 26 and 40, you reach the town of Perito Moreno and then continue along Provincial Route 43 to Los Antiguos. On this journey, it is recommended to visit the Sarmiento Petrified Forest, one of the must-sees of the Estepa.

Where to stay

Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos towns offer different accommodations, restaurants, groceries and fuel stations.


In Lago Posadas, you will also find a limited amount of accommodations, gastronomic options and services.

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