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Posadas and Pueyrredon lakes

Santa Cruz

A breathtaking convergence of untamed lakes and wild landscapes in one of the most inhospitable and less explored areas in Southern Patagonia, close to Mount San Lorenzo, the highest peak in Santa Cruz.

The best time to explore the area is from October to April. From May to September, temperatures may get significantly low, and roads may become impassable. These sites offer few services.

What to see
Posadas Lake

With a bright turquoise colour and separated from the huge Pueyrredon Lake by an isthmus 200 metres wide, Posadas Lake is an unexpected sight in a little explored area in Patagonia. Regularly visited by fishermen, this lake amazes with a peculiar arch of stone that emerges in the middle of the water.


Lago Posadas town, 7 km from the lake, is one of the stops on Scenic Route 41.

Pueyrredon Lake

Starting in Posadas Lake, there is a road that runs alongside the shore and connects with Pueyrredon Lake. From there, visitors can see the famous arch of stone and stop over in different viewpoints, go trekking or make a cycling excursion.


Posadas Lake is a meeting point for amateurs of sport fishing. Both in Posadas and Pueyrredon lakes, as well as in the Oro River, visitors can spot rainbow and brown trout, perches, Patagonian silversides and salmon.

Mount San Lorenzo 

With its 3706 m, the highest peak in Santa Cruz poses a significant challenge for experienced climbers. Only few actually reach the summit due to the climbing difficulties and rough weather conditions. Between Pueyrredon Lake in the north and Perito Moreno National Park in the south, this mount is close to Lago Posadas town on the border with Chile.

How to get there and move around

Following Scenic Provincial Route 41, Posadas Lake is 160 km from Los Antiguos. Visitors can also get to the mountain from National Route 40 and then take Provincial Route 39 (going 73 km on a gravel road). There, visitors can take different excursions. 

Where to stay

In Lago Posadas town, you will find hostels, cottages and a campsite. On the shore of Pueyrredon Lake, there is a shelter, a campsite with bedrooms, known in the area as dormis, and a lodge. Along the coast, different tourist farms offer accommodation as well. 

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