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Patagonia National Park

Santa Cruz

With its one-of-a-kind landscapes and plentiful fauna such as guanacos, lesser rheas and condors, Patagonia National Park has 2 entrances where visitors can camp, go hiking or embark on adventures of several days to the plateau of Buenos Aires Lake.

The best time to visit the park is from October to April. Free entrance.

What to see
La Ascension area

Entering the park from Provincial Route 43, you will reach the Estancia La Ascension, a historic Patagonian ranch that is one of the most famous gateways to Patagonia National Park. Among its recycled facilities for public use, an old school has been remodelled as a visitor’s centre, and a cultural centre is located in the old traditional shearing shed.

Trekkings and horse rides

In La Ascension area, you can explore 5 trails of different difficulty levels and lengths, which will go through a wide variety of landscapes. Easy trails run through grasslands and moraines up to the shore of the lake, where there is a camping area. From there, visitors can observe the Andean foothills and some iconic Chilean mounts. 


A different way to explore the landscapes around the area is to ride a horse all the way to the shore of Buenos Aires Lake.

The plateau

For those who seek more adventurous excursions, other trails take longer and are more demanding, such as the trail leading to the plateau of Buenos Aires Lake. During this trekking, visitors can camp in 3 different areas or simply stay in shelters, also known in the region as puestos. Inform park rangers before setting off to the area.

El Sauco area

In the south of the park, there is a second entrance on Provincial Route 103. There you will find a wild camping area, two easy trails, and a moderate trail that ends in a lagoon, the best option for those who prefer spending the day there or staying over in the camping area.

How to get there and move around

La Ascension area in Patagonia National Park is located 20 km from Los Antiguos and 40 km from Perito Moreno, on paved Provincial Route 43 and on the shore of Buenos Aires Lake. Visitors can arrive at the place by car or on an excursion.


El Sauco area is 40 km from Bajo Caracoles. You can get there along Provincial Route 41 from Los Antiguos or take Provincial Route 40, from Perito Moreno.

Where to stay

In the park, there are 5 camping areas with no utility services. 


Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos towns offer different accommodations, restaurants, groceries and fuel stations.

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