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Route of the Seven Lakes


Mountains, lakes, crystalline rivers and spectacular forests are at the heart of this stretch of 110 km of National Route 40, between San Martín de los Andes and Villa La Angostura, crossing the Lanín and Nahuel Huapi National Parks.


The whole stretch takes 2 hours, but it is worth stopping at its viewpoints, and taking small diversions to visit other lakes, spend the day there or camp out.

You can visit all year round. From October through March, you can practice beach and water sports, or go trekking and mountain biking. From June through September, you can practice winter sports or do activities in the snow. From April through May, you can enjoy forests of red, yellow and orange tones.

What to see
Lácar Lake

Starting in San Martín de los Andes at the Lácar River and travelling south, you will reach the Pil Pil viewpoint, the perfect excuse to stop over and admire from high above all the beauty of the nearby mountains.

Diversion to Meliquina Lake

Soon after, there is a diversion to Meliquina Lake, where you can enjoy the beach and practice kitesurfing.

Machónico, Hermoso, Falker and Villarino Lakes

Further down, you will find the Machónico Lake viewpoint. The access to the Hermoso Lake is 20 km away, and that is the point where the Lanín National Park ends and the Nahuel Huapi National Park starts. From the route, you can see the Vullignanco Waterfall, and further down, the Falkner Lake, with several sand beaches and a small river connecting it to the Villarino Lake.

Escondido Lake and diversion to Traful Lake

If you keep travelling south, you will discover Escondido Lake amid a forest of coihue trees. The road continues down to Pichi Traful, north branch of the Traful Lake. Next to the river, you will find a picnic area, the Park Ranger Station and a diversion leading to the lake and camping site. The next diversion is Provincial Route 65 that takes you to the Traful Lake and its tourist village, just 25 km away.

Correntoso, Espejo Chico, Espejo Grande and Nahuel Huapi Lakes

Following along National Route 40, you will reach Correntoso Lake, one of the biggest lakes in this circuit with bays and beaches. The access to the Espejo Chico Lake is located around 4 kilometres south, in the bridge of the Ruca Malen stream, one of the favourite spots for sport fishing. From this point all the way to the Espejo Grande Lake, you will find a natural viewpoint and a short path leading to a picnic area and a camping site near the Park Ranger Station.

Villa La Angostura

The final destination of this circuit is Villa La Angostura, a town located on the shore of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, between the Inacayal, Bayo and Belvedere Mountains. In winter, you can practice winter sports in the Bayo Mountain and, in summer, there are many options ranging from sport fishing to several adventure tourism activities.

How to get there and move around

There are flights to San Martín de los Andes (Chapelco airport). Villa La Angostura is located 1 hour away from the Bariloche airport.


You can start this circuit from San Martín (north/south direction) or from La Angostura (south/north direction). In either of the 2 cities, there are car rental services, bus services, private transfers and tours. For those who want to enjoy an alternative experience, the Route of the Seven Lakes is a traditional place for road cycling.


Between May and September, snow chains are mandatory. It is important to check the road conditions beforehand.

Where to stay

Both San Martín de los Andes and Villa La Angostura offer good accommodation options of various types and for every budget, ranging from luxury hotels to inns, hostels and camping sites.


Villa Meliquina and Villa Traful also offer accommodation, and all along the circuit, you will find cottages and camping sites.

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