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Villa Pehuenia and Aluminé and Moquehue Lakes


The town of Villa Pehuenia and the Aluminé and Moquehue Lakes, northwest of Neuquén, are ideal for enjoying the incredible landscape created by the ancient forests of pehuen or monkey puzzle trees, and resting on sandy beaches and crystalline waters, at the foot of the Batea Mahuida Volcano. In winter, the base of the Batea Volcano turns into a snow park.

You can visit all year round. From October through April, you can go trekking and enjoy the beach on the lake. From June through September, you can go skiing or do activities in the snow.

What to see
Villa Pehuenia

Located on the shores of the Aluminé Lake, this picturesque mountain village stands protected by the shade of an ancient monkey puzzle tree forest. A unique place for people who enjoy the quiet and natural environments of the mountain range, with outstanding cuisine that uses local products such as the pine nut, the seed of the monkey puzzle tree. It is a great place to rest on the shores of a transparent lake or enjoy multiple activities in the mountain.

Adventure in the Lake

In the Aluminé and Moquehue Lakes you can go kayaking, paddle boating, sailing and diving. The surroundings are great for adventure sports: the Aluminé River is one of the best spots in Patagonia for rafting. You can also practise rock climbing, zip lining and biking. The gravel road known as the "Road of the 5 Lakes" begins in La Angostura (the point where the two lakes meet) and you can go on foot, by bike or by car.

Batea Mahuida Volcano

It is 10 km from Villa Pehuenia. You can reach the crater by vehicle along a gravel road, and surround it on foot. From the top, you can see several volcanoes, such as Copahue and Lanín. In winter, Batea is a snow park where skiing and snowboarding are practiced.

Moquehue and Lanín National Park

From Moquehue, Provincial Route 11 continues south through incredible landscapes, connecting with the Impodi Mountain, the Ñorquinco Lake, the Piedra Pintada Viewpoint, the Pulmarí Lake and the Lanín National Park.

How to get there and move around

Villa Pehuenia is 313 km from Neuquén Capital, along national route 22 and provincial route 13. There are regular buses from Neuquén and Aluminé. Excursions can be booked in both Pehuenia and Moquehue and Aluminé.

Where to stay

In Villa Pehuenia there are hostels, cottages, and camping sites. In Moquehue, there are fewer accommodation options, including hostels, cottages, dome tents and camping sites.


Another town offering accommodation is Aluminé, located 60 km south of Pehuenia, where you will also find hostels, cottages and camping sites. There are also several camping sites along the "Road of the 5 Lakes."

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