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Manso River Valley

Río Negro

To the south of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, halfway between Bariloche and El Bolsón, the Manso River Valley offers beautiful and very peaceful landscapes where you can camp, go rafting, canoeing, hiking, bicycle touring, horseback riding or rest in cottages and rural lodgings.

You can visit the Manso Valley between October and April. Before touring the area, check the road conditions at the tourist or mountain information offices (in Bariloche or El Bolsón) or at the National Parks Information Office in Bariloche.

What to see
Lower Manso

The Manso River crosses the Mascardi, Los Moscos, Hess and Steffen Lakes and flows all the way up to the border with Chile. The last section is known as Lower Manso. Provincial Route 83 (gravel mountain road) runs through this 40-kilometre stretch, offering unique landscapes.


The valley extends up to the border with Chile. The road ends there, but if you walk about a thousand metres more, you can access El León, a neighbouring village in Chile. For those who want to cross the mountain range, there is a Border Patrol station and a Migration office.

Manso's Footbridge

In the town of Río Villegas, Provincial Route 83, a gravel road, branches off National Route 40 and heads west to the border with Chile (León border crossing), running along the south bank of the Manso River. The path connects 2 famous footbridges over the river: 11 km away, the Andrade footbridge, and 33 km away, the Jones footbridge. The colour of the water here is green, there is a beautiful beach and a lagoon is formed which is ideal for a summer dip.


Both footbridges are connected by a 19-kilometre trail and you can cross by bike or on foot. There are camping sites next to the two footbridges and along Provincial Route 83, where you will also find cottages and stalls selling food.

Manso Pool

Just 2 km away from the Coihuin-co camping site, on the path that goes from Villegas to Steffen Lake, there is a spectacular and somewhat hidden corner of the Nahuel Huapi Park: the pool of the Manso River. To visit this path, you need to register in the campsite office.

How to get there and move around

From Río Villegas (70 km away from Bariloche and 56 km from El Bolsón) you can reach the Manso River following Provincial Route 83, which runs through the valley parallel to the Manso River up to the border with Chile (40 km of gravel road).


Between Bariloche and El Bolsón, there are regular bus services with intermediate stops. You can also rent a car or hire a tour.

Where to stay

Bariloche and El Bolsón offer a complete range of accommodation options. In the area you will also find cottages and rural lodgings, and on Provincial Route 83, there are also camping sites with services.

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