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Paraná River

Entre Ríos and Corrientes

Between the cities of Paraná and Corrientes, the east coast of the Paraná River forms one of the main tourist destinations on the coastline.

With beaches, islands and ravines, its coastal towns and cities invite you to meet nature and listen to the music of the river.

Open to visitors all year round. To enjoy the sun and the beach, you should go between November and March.

What to see
Beaches and natural areas in Entre Ríos

There are many destinations that can be enjoyed on the coast of the Paraná River in the province of Entre Ríos:


  • Paraná City: located west of the province of Entre Ríos, this city is framed in a privileged natural environment. It is worth walking along its long waterfront with views of the river, enjoying its beaches in summer and visiting Urquiza Park, which connects the lower bank of the river with the city above the cliffs. General San Martín Park, 20 km to the north, has a beach and a protected natural area with trails.

  • Islote Curupí: on this small island declared a Protected Natural Area, in front of the port of the city of Paraná, thematic walks are carried out in the company of guides, although the plan can also be to spend the day in full contact with nature. The transfer is carried out in authorized boats from the boarding dock on the waterfront.

  • Other towns: places like La Paz, Santa Elena, Piedras Blancas, Villa Urquiza and Valle María also have beaches with natural areas.

Beaches and natural areas in Corrientes

The subtropical climate of the province of Corrientes is ideal for those looking for beach destinations. The most notable towns on the Paraná River are:

  • City of Corrientes: it is famous for its sandy beaches and its beautiful coastline that the lapachos turn pink in August. In the surroundings there are several lagoons to spend the day (some with campsites and services) and natural reserves such as Laguna Brava. During the month of January, you can witness the National Chamamé Festival.

  • Paso de la Patria, Ituzaingó and Itá Ibaté: following the Paraná River towards the north, these destinations also have beaches and spas.

  • Barrancas de Empedrado: 60 km south of the city of Corrientes, these peculiar ravines surprise with caves and foothills similar to the stalagmites of a cave. There are trails for walking, cycling or horseback riding in the company of local guides.

  • Bella Vista, Yerbones Island and Toropí: 138 km south of the city of Corrientes, and off the coast of Bella Vista, Yerbones Island is ideal for enjoying the sun and the beach in the middle of the river. Nearby you can visit the Toropí paleontological site where fossil remains of mastodons, glyptodonts, toxodonts and other extinct animals were found in excellent condition. A museum exhibits some pieces and guided tours can be arranged.

  • Goya and the Isoró reserve: 20 minutes by boat from the nautical station in the town of Goya (221 km from the city of Corrientes), the Isoró reserve captivates with its green labyrinth: a system of streams and swamps ideal for observing flora and fauna. wildlife, photographic safaris, boat trips, canoeing and sport fishing.

How to get there and move around

National Route 12 (paved) is the main artery that connects all of the cities. There are bus services that reach most of the towns.

Paraná, Rosario, Santa Fe, Corrientes and Resistencia receive daily flights from Buenos Aires and other cities.

Where to stay

The towns with beaches on the Paraná coast offer a wide variety of accommodation of different categories, especially cabins, bungalows, fishing lodges, inns, rental houses and camping sites, as well as gastronomic options.

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