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Wetlands of Chaco


Next to the Paraná River, countless streams, creeks, marshes, wetlands and lagoons interspersed with palm groves, jungles and grasslands, make up a large natural region internationally recognized for its importance as a wetland and for the richness of its landscapes and its flora and fauna.

Open to visitors all year round. The hottest months are from December to March.

What to see
Isla del Cerrito

Ideal to rest and be in contact with nature. There are trails for walking, you can observe birds and fauna, and enjoy horseback riding, sport fishing, and bike or boat rides, crossing the confluence of the Paraná and Paraguay rivers.


There are also historical buildings that open a window to another era: at the beginning of the War of the Triple Alliance (1864-1870), this island was one of the main naval bases of the allies. In addition, in 1920, it was the place where the Great Leprosarium was built, the buildings of which can be seen today (the Regional Historical Museum narrates part of its history). It is also worth visiting the Nuestra Señora del Pilar church and KM 0 of the Soberanía Fluvial y Marítima Argentina-Punta Norte.

Natural reserve

The Educational Natural Reserve of Colonia Benítez protects Chaco's humid forests that are found around the Tragadero River. You can get to know its different environments by walking along an interpretive path of about an hour and a half. Requires reservation in advance.

Botanical Garden and Museum

In the gardens of the Augusto G. Schulz Botanical Garden House Museum, you can see the native plants of the region, and some exotic species that have adapted to the area. The historical sector allows to know the history of Colonia Benítez, the arrival of the Schulz family and its scientific life.

How to get there and move around

Colonia Benítez is 23 km north of Resistencia along National Route 11 (paved). From there you can visit the nature reserve and the botanical garden.

Isla del Cerrito is 54 km from Resistencia (18 km paved and 36 km gravel), by National Route 16 and Provincial Route 63.

Where to stay

Resistencia has a varied offer of accommodation and gastronomy. Isla del Cerrito has camping, inn and cabins, among other options, as well as restaurants and stores.

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