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Tourist corridor in the coastline of Santa Fe

Santa Fe

A route, a corridor and many alternatives for rest and recreation along the river. From Reconquista to the south, Provincial Route 1 runs close to the Paraná River and connects picturesque towns, historical sites, beaches, nautical activities, and fishing and relaxation spaces in a great natural environment.

Open to visitors all year round. Check the nature calendar for bird watching.

What to see

The San Javier River opens into a bay and unfolds a wide beach of golden sand. From city bike tours to sport fishing and fun on the beach, Romang stands out for the variety of its proposals and for being an inclusive tourist city with adapted services (amphibious chairs, guides trained in sign language or braille). 


The Sun Festivity is celebrated in January: three days of sport events, dancing, artisan exhibitions and music shows.

San Javier

La Rinconada Municipal Nature Reserve is on the banks of the San Javier River, on an island opposite the Municipal Beach Club. The typical landscapes of the Middle Paraná islands can be found, with gallery forests, inner lagoons, low mountains and grasslands, marshlands and sand areas with a great biodiversity that can be appreciated along self-guided trails.


This quiet place surrounded by green spaces and islands offers the typical coastal activities that take place in this corridor as well as baptism flights of paragliding, paratriking and paramotoring over the landscapes of the San Javier River. It hosts the National Yellow Catfish (amarillo) Fishing Festival in July.


History is present in the Ruins of Santa Fe La Vieja Archaeological Park in the town of Cayastá, as it is a great cultural historical heritage and testimony of the ancient Santa Fe founded by Juan de Garay in 1573. The natural environment and water activities are the hallmark of the towns in this corridor.

Santa Rosa de Calchines

A huge strip of land surrounded by water, almost a giant island between the arms of the Paraná River and the marshes of the Salado River. Its name refers to the Calchines ethnic group that inhabited the area. You can take boat rides, practise kayaking, enjoy life in nature and do sport fishing.

How to get there and move around

You can take Provincial Route 1 from the north, in Reconquista, or from the south, in the city of Santa Fe. It is 326 km in total, all paved. It is best to get around by car, although there are also tours and bus services that connect several cities and towns.

Where to stay

The coastal tourist corridor has several lodging options, especially in San Javier and Cayastá. There are hotels, cabins and camping sites.

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