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Apipé Grande Provincial Park


Some 14 km away from Ituzaingó, in the middle of the Paraná River, the island of Apipé Grande is one of the most attractive nature destinations in Corrientes, with corridors through gallery forests, grasslands, sandbanks and lagoons formed in an old riverbed.

Open to visitors all year round. To enjoy the sun and the beach, you can go from November to March.

What to see
Birds, wildlife and handicrafts

The island offers an ideal setting to watch birds and observe wildlife, including alligators, black howlers (in the Panco Cué area) and capybaras, as well as some rare plants such as the Yataí Poñí dwarf palm tree.

The Apipé Grande Provincial Park, created in 2021, covers an important part of the island and includes the Hermosa, Camba Cué and Sirena lagoons formed in an old riverbed.


On the island, you can arrange to go horse riding and take sailing tours, enjoy the beaches of Punta Aguirre and Puerto Mora and visit its towns rich in culture and traditions, which are reflected in handicrafts and gastronomy.

How to get there and move around

You can take a boat to get to Apipé Grande (30 min. sailing) from the port of Ituzaingó to the port of San Antonio, where the main population of the island lives.

Where to stay

On the island, there is a hotel, cabins, an ecolodge, a hostel and a camping site.
The visit to the park must be arranged in advance with a guide. 

Ituzaingó has a wide variety of inns, hotels, hostels and some first-class lodges, as well as restaurants and supermarkets.

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