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Delta of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Very close to Buenos Aires, the Paraná River Delta forms a huge network of rivers, streams and small islands, making it an ideal destination for a getaway from the city, to enjoy nature, rest and practice water sports.

You can visit this area all year round. To practice water sports and explore the flora and fauna, the best time to visit is from October to March.

What to see
Sailing between islands

To get to know the Delta, you must sail its waters. The islands have a stable population who live there, cottages for the weekend, recreational centres, hostels and camping sites. It is a truly aquatic world, where boats serve as buses and supermarkets and life revolves around the tides' rhythm.

A day in the Delta

If you want to spend the day in the Delta, you can take a boat tour, practice water sports such as wakeboarding or rowing, or visit one of the many recreation centres that offer different options to enjoy your day. There are also many choices to spend the night and wake up with the sound of nature.

Second and Third Section

The second and third sections are the ones located furthest away, in San Fernando district, which are part of the Paraná Delta Biosphere Reserve. Although sailing to this area takes longer (2 hours from the Port of Tigre), it is a very quiet area that will make you feel close to nature. There are private reserves with trails to get to know the typical environment of the area.

Talavera Island

One of the most popular reserves in Zárate is the Talavera Island, with rustic camping areas, cottages, bungalows, fishing clubs and private recreation centres. You can reach the island by crossing the Zárate-Brazo Largo Bridge, which connects the provinces of Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos.

River crossing by barge

From Otamendi (Panamericana km 67.5), you can access the Paraná de las Palmas quay to cross the river by barge. On the other side, you will find recreation centres and camping sites.

How to get there and move around

The most common way to visit the islands in the Delta is by boat, departing from the port of Tigre. You can reach the port by public transport (bus and train). From the port, passenger and private boats depart to the islands. There are also services departing from Puerto Madero, San Fernando, San Isidro y Olivos.

Where to stay

The first section of the Delta offers the largest variety of accommodations, ranging from houses to hotels and comfortable lodges. In the second and third section, the accommodation options are similar but more limited in number.


The cities of Tigre and Campana also provide different types of accommodation options as well as cuisine options.

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