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Delta of Entre Ríos

Entre Ríos

To the south of Entre Ríos, the Parana River Delta will amaze you with unexplored destinations. Ceibas, Villa Paranacito, Ibicuy, Gualeguay, Perdices, Victoria and the surrounding cities are excellent sites for birding in the country lanes.

You can visit this area all year round. Between September and December, the highlight of Victoria islands lies in their interesting flora. To see the Victoria water lily blossom, plan your trip between February and March.

What to see
Islander's culture

Together with specialised guides and members of the community-based tourism organisation "Cuidadores de la Casa Común" (in Victoria, Santa Fe y Paraná), you can visit the Delta on foot, horseback or by boat to get to know the islander's culture and listen myths and legends of the area while watching yacare caimans, birds and water plants. Contemplate the sunset in the Delta while indulging yourself with a great variety of vineyards and regional cuisine.

Ceibas, Ibicuy and Villa Paranacito

Ceibas is a must for birdwatchers, as they will be able to see over 300 species, including the straight-billed and curve-billed reed haunter, the scarlet-headed blackbird and the saffron-cowled blackbird. Along its trails, surrounded by forests, wetlands and streams, you can discover some of the main species of the area, including foxes, tortoises, coypus and capybaras.


From Ibicuy, you can visit the Ibicuy Grassland, an area featuring natural meadows, sand dunes, large wetlands and small lakes and brooks. Service providers offer tours on boat, horseback riding, outings to the countryside and sport fishing. This place is considered an IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area) site.


Together with this destination, you can also get to Villa Paranacito, where you will find streams, islands and wetlands with a large biological diversity. Some activities available include fishing, hiking, biking, wildlife photography, kayaking and sailing. From this point, you can cross on barges with your vehicle to island 9 to walk around its local lanes and spend the day there.


Apart from birding, you can also enjoy Gualeguay's beaches, go hiking, kayaking, fishing and do rural tourism. In the summer, the town vibrates to the rhythm of the carnival. Located 10 km away from Gualeguay, Santa Adelina Reserve is a major reservoir of biodiversity and a perfect place for birdwatching: the saffron-cowled blackbird, an endangered species, can be spotted here.


You can access the city by taking Provincial Road 11 or crossing the Rosario-Victoria Bridge. Victoria is the perfect blend of culture, nature, relaxation and wine making; also, if you are interested in UFOs, there is even a UFO Museum in the city.


The Islas de Victoria Multi-Purpose Reserve protects the islands in the Delta located around the Rosario-Victoria Bridge, as well as the wetlands of the region. It also includes Los Tres Cerros Municipal Reserve in Rosario, considered a site of Ornithological Importance and an AICA site. Here you will find endangered species such as the bay-capped wren-spinetail, the bearded tachuri and the dark-throated seedeater. Entrance is free and it is located 1 hour away by boat from Rosario (it has minimum facilities, with no services).

Designed by the famous architect Carlos Thays and only 5 km away from the centre of Victoria, the Botanical Garden of El Potrero is located in the garden of an estate and it houses over 350 plant species. It has several trails to enjoy the surroundings.

A route among hills

The stretch of Provincial Route 11 between Diamante and Gualeguay (via Victoria) is an attraction in itself, with winding hills, colourful sown fields and a native forest that, at times along the way, will let you take a peek at the vastness of the Delta.

How to get there and move around

About 150 km from Buenos Aires and after crossing Zárate-Brazo Largo Bridge, you will find the cities of Ceibas, Villa Paranacito and Ibicuy on National Route 12.


Birdwatchers can reach lakes and streams using the country roads between Ceibas and Gualeguay (through National Route 12). It is recommended to go with specialised guides.  


You can take Provincial Route 11 from Gualeguay to Paraná to visit the other attractions of the Delta of Entre Ríos. You can also take Provincial Route 11 from the Rosario-Victoria Bridge and National Route 174.

Where to stay

You can camp in Villa Paranacito and Gualeguay, and there are several accommodation options like cottages, bungalows, hostels, inns, as well as various restaurants. In Ibicuy the choices are limited. In Ceibas, you can find some places to eat.

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