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Martín García Island

Buenos Aires

Martín García Island, located in the centre of the La Plata River, is a treasure filled with natural attractions. There is a piece of our country's history tucked away in each corner of the island.

You can visit this island all year round, but it is best to go in spring and summer, as you will be able to see a larger number and variety of flora and fauna.

What to see
Guided tours

There are guided tours to walk around streets and trails and get to know natural places like the lake, its beaches and some prominent historic sites, such as the old prison, the church, the cemetery and the bakery, where you can buy the famous panettone of the island.

Birds and butterflies 

It is a quiet place, perfect to enjoy nature and to watch birds and other animals. Its coast, covered by reed beds and scrublands, features its typical landscape.

About 150 species of butterflies inhabit the island (including the Argentine flag butterfly) and a wide variety of birds that turn the island into a paradise for birdwatchers and photography lovers.

Biking and kayaking

You can also explore the island on a bike and go kayaking. There are bike and kayak rental services that you can hire directly on the island.

How to get there and move around

Martín García Island is located 60 km from Buenos Aires City, where the mouth of the Uruguay River meets the La Plata River. This island is 2 hours away by boat from the port of Tigre in Buenos Aires.

Where to stay

On the island, there is a hostel and an inn, as well as 2 camping sites and places to eat.

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