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Iberá Wetlands - Laguna Iberá Portal


Next to the beautiful town of Carlos Pellegrini, Corrientes is the best-known portal of the estuaries, a true natural paradise that attracts travellers from all over the world due to its abundant wildlife: there are literally animals everywhere. 

Open to visitors all year round. The hottest season is between December and March.

What to see
Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

This small rural town of 900 inhabitants on the shores of the Iberá lagoon is the starting point for the exploration of the estuaries from where boat, canoe or kayak guided tours depart. It is a very beautiful town that invites you to walk through its streets of sand, eat chipá (cheese bread) and enjoy the quiet pace. 


Activities and trails

Several tours depart from the municipal dock while others are offered directly by the hotels.

Crossing the famous access bridge, you arrive at an interpretation centre from where a path that crosses the jungle starts, ideal to see monkeys and a walkway along the shore of the estuary where you can usually see deer. 

You can also go horse-riding and take a night safari under starry skies.

You can be amazed at some of the most beautiful sunsets ever imagined from the municipal camping site as well as from the access bridge. Ideal to contemplate while having a “mate”. 


In this portal, the great diversity of wildlife that coexists in one single place is spectacular: capybaras, swamp deer, pampas deer, alligators and more than 300 species of birds. 


Lobo Cuá and Cambá Trapo

Some 2 km away from Pellegrini, the trails in the Lobo Cuá area are another opportunity to watch the fauna. There is a picnic area and barbecue zones (a permit must be obtained to visit the place). 

Another nearby point to visit from Carlos Pellegrini is Cambá Trapo, an ideal spot for bird watchers in search of an iconic species: the yellow cardinal


Cultural Heritage

The village of Carlos Pellegrini has a great cultural heritage, where traditional handicrafts stand out. Basketry in esparto grass, palm, reed and ysypo, textiles made of wool, Spanish ropes and knives, and the carving of animals in wood are some of the most representative artisanal expressions of these lands.

How to get there and move around

From Mercedes to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini there are 80 km of asphalt and 40 km of dirt road in good conditions along Provincial Route 40.

You can also go with high vehicles or 4WDs from the town of Ituzaingó. There are 166 km of land through Provincial Routes 41 and 40, following a road with little traffic and no cell phone signal.

Where to stay

Colonia Carlos Pellegrini offers camping sites, inns, hostels and lodges, several places to eat and grocery stores.

The lodgings usually provide full packages that include meals and tours. Tours and some trails charge a fee.

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