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Iberá Wetlands - San Nicolás Portal


This portal located in the west of the Esteros del Iberá and 27 km from the town of San Miguel, reserves a little gem for those who love birds: it is one of the best places to see emblematic species such as the collared yetapá or the Dominican nun. There are also alligators, capybaras, deer, foxes and many other animals.

The Esteros del Iberá is a large natural reserve where the Great Iberá Park is located, made up of the Iberá Provincial Park and the Iberá National Park.


Open to visitors all year round. The hottest season is between December and March. The use of high vehicles is recommended.

What to see

The San Nicolás portal has two trails for walking or cycling, and one for vehicles that reaches the port from where non-motorized lake excursions depart, either by kayak or canoe. In San Miguel, the closest town, there are cultural visits and horseback riding.

Before going to this portal, it is recommended to advertise in the tourist information office that is in San Miguel to request the telephone numbers of the service providers and hire the excursions.

How to get there and move around

It is 163 km from Corrientes capital city along Provincial Route 5 to San Miguel, then you have to travel 27 km of sand and dirt road to the portal. High vehicles and the company of a guide is recommended.


Where to stay

There is a camping site, but it does not have a grocery store or drinking water, so you must enter with supplies. San Miguel offers inns and lodging options. Also in Loreto, 40 km away, accommodation is available.

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