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Iberá Wetlands - Uguay, Río Corriente and Galarza Portals


The Uguay, Río Corriente and Galarza portals offer wildlife watching, sailing and horseback riding in a rural setting.

The Esteros del Iberá is a large natural reserve where the Great Iberá Park is located, made up of the Iberá Provincial Park and the Iberá National Park.

They can be visited all year round. The hottest months are from December to March. Access to the portals is public. Although the offer of services is still developing, there are private providers that offer accommodation and excursions.

What to see
Uguay Portal

The Uguay portal, in the east of the estuaries, is a remote place in Corrientes where few families live.

There is an inn with access to the Fernández lagoon and the Guazú-Cuaré reserve. You can sail in the lagoon, observe the flora and fauna, walk along nature trails, ride horses through the area, visit artisans and check in at the traditional rural store.

Portal Río Corriente

The Río Corriente portal, south of the estuaries, invites you to spend the day, take boat rides or enjoy the banks of the Corriente River.

It has an interpretation centre and a cultural centre. Some tourist operators offer scuba diving and freshwater snorkelling. 


Portal Galarza

At the Galarza portal, located to the east of the Iberá Wetlands, you can sail in the Galarza lagoon and be amazed by the infinity-edge of the Luna lagoon, the largest in the Iberá system (some tourist activities take place at night).

You can also observe the wildlife, take walks, visit yerba mate fields, the Jesuit ruins and stay in country estates. 

How to get there and move around

Portal Uguay is located 90 km from the city of Mercedes and 32 km from Colonia Carlos Pellegrini by Provincial Route 40 (dirt).
Portal Río Corriente is 189 km from Corrientes capital by national routes 12 and 123, and 55 km from the city of Mercedes by National Route 123 (all paved).
Portal Galarza can be reached from Ituzaingó or Posadas by Provincial Route 41, from Virasoro by Provincial Route 37, and from Colonia Carlos Pellegrini by Provincial Routes 40 and 41.

Where to stay

In Portal Uguay there is an inn and a field store where basic products are obtained. In the Portal Río Corriente there is no convenience store or camping, but the town of Chavarría, only 6 km away, has dining rooms and lodgings. El Portal Galarza is located in Paraje Galarza and has an ecotourism accommodation.

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