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Iberá Wetlands - Cambyretá Portal


Camping in the middle of the immensity of the estuaries, enjoying the calm landscape in solitude, hearing the sounds of nature.

Cambyretá, north of the estuaries, is another favourite portal for those who like to watch birds and fauna in general. 

Open to visitors all year round. The hottest season is between December and March. It is a byroad, so it is advisable to go with a local guide.

What to see
Roads and trails

This portal has a series of roads and trails to enjoy the typical landscapes of the region, whether on foot, by bike or by car. It has a camping area to spend a few days in full contact with nature. You can see marsh deer, capybaras and many birds. Horseback riding is also done.


The closest town to Portal Cambyretá is Ituzaingó, with 15 km of sandy beaches on the coast of the Paraná River. It is a highly sought after place for sport fishing and to taste typical delicacies of Creole-Guarani cuisine such as fish empanadas, fried fish with lemon, charque empanadas and Paraguayan soup. In September the National Festival of the Yerra and Doma Correntina is celebrated, a great folkloric event in honor of the gaucho tradition.

14 km from Ituzaingó, and in the middle of the Paraná River, the island of Apipé Grande is one of the most attractive nature destinations in the province, with beaches and trails to see birds and fauna among gallery jungles, grasslands and lagoons formed in an old riverbed.

How to get there and move around

It is located 230 km away from Corrientes capital city, 15 km from Ituzaingó and 8 km from Villa Olivari through National Route 12 (paved).

From Ituzaingó, there are 15 km of asphalt and 29 km of inner dirt and sand roads that are recommended to travel on a 4WD and in the company of a guide.

Where to stay

The area has a camping site with services, although it does not have a grocery store, so you should take some supplies with you. Drinking water is available. 

Ituzaingó offers several accommodation options, including hotels, inns, cabins and apart hotels.

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