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Iberá Wetlands - Carambola Portal


The Portal Carambola, located in the west of the Esteros del Iberá, is 27 km from the historic town of Concepción del Yaguareté Corá. It combines nature and culture, and its boat rides or horse-drawn canoe are famous. There are also boat excursions, kayak trips and bird watching. The people of the town offer typical meals, and even spend the night in shelters built in the image and likeness of traditional homes.

The Esteros del Iberá is a large natural reserve where the Great Iberá Park is located, made up of the Iberá Provincial Park and the Iberá National Park.

Open to visitors all year round. The hottest season is between December and March. It is advisable to access the portal in the company of a local guide.

What to see

One of the greatest experiences of the Carambola Portal is to travel streams in a canoe with a boat, as the inhabitants of the interior of Iberá still do. There are also horse-drawn canoe rides —another tradition of the region— and even in summer it is possible to dive and swim with the horses.

Most of the excursions are guided by locals who know this land like no one else. Together with them it is possible to get closer to the Iberian gaucho culture and enjoy the traditional cuisine of Corrientes.

Before going to this portal, it is recommended to visit the tourist information office that is in the town of Concepción del Yuagareté Corá to request the telephone numbers of the service providers and hire the excursions.


The town of Concepción

Founded in 1796, Concepción del Yaguareté Corá is considered an "authentic town" and the oldest in the province.

It welcomed national hero Manuel Belgrano in 1810 and still preserves colonial houses with large galleries. You can take horse rides, bicycle rides, cultural tours of the town, visits to museums and the Iberá Interpretation Centre.

How to get there and move around

The town is 190 km away from Corrientes capital city and 207 km from Ituzaingó along National Route 12 and Provincial Route 118 to Concepción de Yaguareté Corá (all paved).

From Concepción you have to travel 27 km of gravel and dirt road. It is advisable to travel in a van or a 4WD during the rainy season. 

Where to stay

This portal has an interpretation centre and a camping site (note: there is no access to drinking water or supplies).

Concepción offers hotels of different categories and lodgings in homestays too. 

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