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Laguna Blanca National Park


A little-known national park that hides the wild magic of the Patagonian Steppe. Ancient volcanic cones, desert landscapes and a huge lagoon that is home to water and migratory birds make it a must-see attraction, especially if you enjoy bird watching. 

It can be visited all year round. The best time is from November to March. From May to September, access may be complicated due to snow conditions. Admission is free.

What to see

Easily accessible, the Paseo de la Laguna trail (700 metres long) offers an interpretive tour to learn about the vegetation that grows in the park (the best time to see the steppe’s plants blooming is from October to January). This trail leads to the lagoon’s shores, where you may see some of the more than 100 bird species, among which eye-catching black-necked swans, the emblem of the park, stand out. This area is a great place to observe lots of lizard species.

A few metres away, from the viewpoint facing the lagoon, you can reach “El resguardo”, a rock shelter that is testimony to the presence of ancient native settlers in the area. 

El Escorial geological trail (only 680 metres long) is a volcanic sand path that traverses a rocky lava bed. The trail takes 50 minutes.


From April to October, you can go fishing in the lagoon and contribute to the conservation of the area by catching perch, an introduced invasive species that disturbs the ecosystem balance of this water body. It is mandatory to obtain a provincial fishing permit. 

Mellizo Sur Mountain 

This is the longest circuit in the park that takes between 4 and 5 hours. This medium-difficulty circuit is not thoroughly marked, but offers a great panoramic view of the lagoon and the entire park. Registration at the visitors’ centre is mandatory.

How to get there and move around

The entrance to the park is located on Provincial Route 46, 230 km from the city of Neuquén and 36 km from Zapala (all asphalt paved).

As there are no buses that reach the entrance to the park, it is better to go by car, take a taxi or hire an excursion from Zapala. 

Where to stay

The park has a free campsite with 3 areas for tents, as well as tables and benches. There is no grocery shop. It is recommended that you carry potable water, firewood and food. Camper registration is mandatory.

In Zapala, 36 km away, there are hotels, hostels, restaurants, supermarkets and service stations. 

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