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Los Altares Protected Area and National Route 25


National Route 25 is one of the best options to cross Patagonia, connecting the sea to the Andes Mountain Range. It goes through imposing landscapes and Los Altares Protected Nature Area, one of the jewels of the steppe.

It can be visited all year round. Between May and September, travel with caution and beware of snow or ice on the road.

What to see
Los Altares

The reddish outcrops on the Chubut River resemble monumental rock altars. The rock shelters, caves and cliff walls show cave paintings made by indigenous peoples.

This breathtaking landscape can be enjoyed while travelling along the road. It is worth staying for a couple of days to relax on the river’s natural beaches, go kayaking and mountain biking, or hiking along the trails that begin at the campsites on the river banks or in the town of Los Altares. Important: check that the service providers and/or tour operators of your choice are duly authorized.

La Flecha Rural Custodian 

Located in Paso de Indios, this farm is the place where the remains of the Patagotitan mayorum, the largest dinosaur known to have lived 101 million years ago, were unearthed. Visitors can walk the paths and trails historically used by the inhabitants of the site and the sheep.

How to get there and move around

National Route 25 has in total 527 asphalt-paved kilometres and connects Rawson with Tecka. Much of the route follows the course of the Chubut River. Bear in mind that there are only 4 fuel stations along the route (in Gaiman, Los Altares, Paso de los Indios and Tecka). 

From the town of Las Plumas to Paso de los Indios, you can enjoy the scenic section of National Route 25. Along its 160 km, it traverses Los Altares Protected Nature Area. 

Between May and September, there may be fog on the road and snow as you reach the mountain range.

Where to stay

The town of Los Altares is a rest stop offering lodging facilities, a campsite and services. Trelew, Gaiman and Florentino Ameghino tourist villages have the highest accommodation and restaurant offer. 

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