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Sarmiento Petrified Forest Protected Area


To visit Sarmiento Petrified Forest is like travelling back to a remote past when Patagonia was covered by a prehistoric tropical forest. Today it looks like a science fiction setting with countless logs, trees, branches, leaves and even tree seeds that turned into rock 65 million years ago.

It can be visited all year round. Between December and March, it is hot and there is no shade. Under bad weather conditions, only the interpretation center opens. Admission fees apply.

What to see
Trails and trunks

The gigantic trunks of fossilized araucarias are the most striking feature within this protected area; however, the deep canyons also hide dinosaur and marine fish fossils. 

There is a 2.4 km trail (1 hour return hike) that allows visitors to see prehistoric flora and fauna remains up close, and to enjoy breathtaking views from several viewpoints along the way. You can also visit the interpretation centre, which displays paleontological and archeological remains found in the region.

Valle de los Gigantes

In Sarmiento, this paleontological park displays life-size replicas of the main dinosaurs that inhabited the region, the remains of which were discovered in the area. Besides, visitors can relax on the banks of the Senguer River or enjoy the scenery surrounding Musters Lake. 

How to get there and move around

National Route 26 connects Comodoro Rivadavia to Sarmiento (only 148 km are asphalt-paved). The protected area lies 28 km away from Sarmiento and can be accessed by gravel road. The site has a parking space.

Where to stay

Sarmiento has campsites and offers accommodation and restaurant options.

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