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Somuncurá Plateau Protected Nature Area

Río Negro

If you enjoy solitary and wild landscapes, the Somuncurá Plateau is an excellent option. In the middle of the steppe, this region invites you to discover the lesser-known side of Patagonia. 

The best time to enjoy it is from October to April.

What to see
Adventure tourism

Due to the geography of the region, the type of roads and the climate, the plateau can only be reached by 4x4 vehicles and with the assistance of an expert or local guide. 

There are tours that take a few hours or journeys that last several days. The place is great to go hiking, horse riding and bird watching, as well as to go on photographic safaris.

In addition, there are canyons with fossil remains and cave paintings. On the way up, temporary lagoons are the home to flamingo colonies. Once at the peak, the endless landscape is breathtaking.

How to get there and move around

National Routes 23 and 3 border the plateau. For safety reasons, it is recommended to take a tour from Sierra Grande, Los Menucos, Maquinchao, Valcheta, El Caín, Cona Niyeu and Prahuaniyeu for visiting this area, since it is a remote and deserted site. 

Excursions can also be hired at Las Grutas, San Antonio Oeste, Viedma and Ramos Mexia.

Where to stay

In the area, there are cabins, estates and family houses that offer accommodation and meals.

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