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Piedra Parada Protected Nature Area


Amidst the Chubut River valley, a colossal rock with a 100 metre base and 240 metre high, which resulted from a volcanic eruption 50 million years ago, juts out vertically resembling a totem in the midst of the steppe landscape.

It can be visited all year round. The ideal time is from October to April. From May to September, there may be snow, so access becomes more difficult and climbing is not permitted.

What to see
A deep crack between rocks

Not only is Piedra Parada a must-see due to its mere presence, but it is also a destination chosen by climbers who want to make it to the top of the rock and the neighboring La Buitrera Canyon. 

It is found 42 km away from Gualjaina town, along a road bordered by the Gualjaina mountains and Chubut River.  

At the entrance, a 3-km trail leads to La Buitrera Canyon, a 4-km corridor formed by rocks more than 100 metres high. 

This walking tour along a trail that runs parallel to a little creek will take about 90 minutes. Both at the canyon and at the colossal rock, there are several climbing trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

Go hiking around the area to visit local people’s houses, a handcraft workshop, and learn more about the history of the place.

Cave paintings 

In the nearby caves, you will see paintings that bear witness to the fact that Piedra Parada was an inhabited place hundreds of years ago.


Paso del Sapo and the waterfall

The town of Paso del Sapo lies 50 kilometres to the east of the nature area on Provincial Route 12. Seven kilometres away from the town, you will find the Cinco Saltos waterfall, a stream of water cascading down the mountain.


How to get there and move around

Piedra Parada lies on Provincial Route 12, 42 km from Gualjaina. You can get there from the city of Esquel, located 127 km away (78 km on gravel road), or from Provincial Route 25, at Paso los Indios (211 km on gravel road), passing by Paso del Sapo.

Where to stay

The protected area has a campsite. Gualjaina offers some accommodation options and basic services.

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