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Potrero de Yala Provincial Park


Potrero de Yala, near San Salvador de Jujuy, was the first protected nature reserve in the province. With winding trails in the woods, the mountain and lagoons. 

Every season makes a difference; it may snow in winter and the clouds may cover the woods.

Open to visit all year round.

What to see
Bird watching

It is a great destination for bird watchers and you can go for the day (it is 27 km away from San Salvador de Jujuy.). 

There are typical yunga species, such as the red-faced guan, the rufous-throated dipper, the black-and-chestnut eagle, the slender-tailed woodstar, the fulvous-headed brush finch, the lyre-tailed nightjar and the torrent duck.


The lagoons and the scenic route

Provincial Route 4 crosses the park and connects it to Termas de Reyes (Kings’ Hot Springs). This scenic route spans across an area of lush vegetation. Warning: the road is made of gravel and may be blocked during the summer due to rainfalls.

It takes you to 2 lagoons (Rodeo and Comedero), giving way to short trails of low and intermediate difficulty. 


Cerro Azul

Experienced climbers may be qualified to ascend the Cerro Azul (Blue Hill) (4,800 m.a.s.l.), which is part of the Chañi mountain chain. This is a hill of high difficulty; therefore, it can only be climbed with the help of a professional mountain guide. 

How to get there and move around

The park is 27 km away from San Salvador de Jujuy. You need to go 15 km along National Route 9 to Yala and then take scenic Provincial Route 4, for 12 km. Following 20 km along Provincial Route 4, you can get to Termas de Reyes from the park (this road may be blocked during the rainfall season: check the road condition).

Public transport is available and stops a few metres before the park’s entrance.

Where to stay

Inside the park, at Rodeo lagoon, there is a tourist complex that has a hostel, an organised camping site and a restaurant. There is also a camping site area at the end of the trail, which starts in Comedero lagoon. There are lodging options along Provincial Route 4. For more accommodation and cuisine offers, visit San Salvador de Jujuy. 

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