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Sierras de Belén and Shincal de Quimivil


National Route 40 connects attractions that combine nature, history and culture. The beautiful Sierras de Belén, the Inca city of Shincal (gateway to pre-Hispanic and Hispanic history), Ruta del Telar, small archaeological sites, hots springs and wineries, all stand out in this area. 

Open to visit all year round.

What to see
Shincal de Quimivil Archaeological Park

The park exhibits rooms, stairs and trails that were part of an urban centre inhabited by the Incas between the 15th and 16th centuries. There is an interpretation centre, trails and guide services. Located 5 km away, the town of Londres offers a nice option to tour around the area.


Sierras de Belén

The Shincal is in Sierras de Belén, part of the Calchaquíes Valleys in Catamarca, an area populated in old times by the Hualfines, Culampajaes, Quilmes and Famayfiles aboriginal peoples. 

There are several archaeological sites, and it is a good destination for trekking with trails of various difficulty levels, throughout several days and with the chance to stay in mountain posts for the night. One of the tours, 11 km long, goes deep into Quebrada de Belén and makes its way amid stunning mountains and the Belén River, boasting unforgettable images. 


Ruta del Telar 

Over 300 artisans devoted to traditional weaving on a native loom -an ancestral custom- show their work in ponchos, blankets, socks, berets and gloves.

They are connected by the Ruta del Telar (Loom Route) which extends to places like Londres, Belén (home to the poncho), Puerta de San José, San Fernando, Corral Quemado, Villa Vil and Hualfin.


Valle de Hualfín

About 50 km north of Belén lies this valley amid vineyards, which safeguards important archaeological fields of great cultural and archaeological relevance, such as Pucará de Hualfín, Lomas de Maray, Hualfín Inca and Pozo Verde. Very close to Hualfín, the hot springs emerge in the landscape and a municipal winery is open to visitors.

How to get there and move around

This area can be travelled by vehicle or by booking a tour. National Route 40, connecting Londres, Belén, Hualfín and Santa María, is paved. 

Secondary roads leading to other towns and archaeological sites far from the route could be made of rubble.

Where to stay

Belén, the biggest city in this area, offers lodging and gastronomic services. 

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