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Tucumán Yungas


In Tucumán, Yungas create one of the most beautiful landscapes of the north-west, with astonishing biodiversity. You can tour around various sectors of the province; some natural areas are very easy to access. 

The ideal time to visit is from April to November to avoid the rainy season.

What to see
Sierras de San Javier Park

Located 25 km from San Miguel de Tucumán, along Provincial Route 340, the hillsides of Sierras de San Javier safeguard the Botanical Garden and the Horco Molle Experimental Reserve. There are several interpretative trails and camping zones.


Aguas Chiquitas Nature Reserve - El Cadillal

Located in the eastern region of the province, very close to El Cadillal dam, on Sierras de Medina. Access is on foot and it is advisable to go with a guide, since the trip reaches a 55-metre-high cascade, making it physically demanding.

Aconquija National Park

On the eastern hillside of Nevados del Aconquija, this large park protects an important Yunga sample and harbours cultural treasures that travellers discover along the trails. 

It has three access gateways: Campo Los Alisos (the only one with basic services), Campo de las Azucenas (only accessed in 4WD vehicles and with a very popular trail in October, when madonna lilies blossom) and Cochuna - Laguna del Tesoro lagoon. Free-of-charge.

How to get there and move around

Near San Miguel de Tucumán, you can go to Sierras San Javier Park and the Yungas, connecting Provincial Routes 338, 340 and 341, which form a great scenic circuit. 

To access Aguas Chiquitas Nature Reserve - El Cadillal, you should drive about 22 km along National Route 9. 

To arrive at Aconquija National Park from San Miguel de Tucumán, you must head south along Provincial Route 38 to Concepción city, and then take Scenic National Route 65. Overall, it is 115 km.

It is ideal to use a private vehicle. Public transport is available and departs from Tucumán capital city.

Where to stay

From San Miguel de Tucumán to places like San Javier or El Cadillal, there is a broad range of lodging offers and gastronomic proposals. 

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