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Ciudad Sagrada de Quilmes


It is one of the main archaeological sites in Argentina. Walking amid the city’s stone walls, ceremonial sites and teasels is an unforgettable experience. It is located on National Route 40, 17 km away from Amaicha del Valle.

Open to visit all year round.

What to see
The life of the Quilmes

Inhabited by the Quilmes peoples, the city achieved a great social and economic development during the 12th century. Today, you can visit the rebuilt residential area on the hillside, a fortress on top and two small forts on the ledge.


The interpretation centre offers a unique timeline that describes the past of this area and the Quilmes people’s way of life. 

How to get there and move around

Access to Ciudad Sagrada de Quilmes is about 3 km north of the junction between Provincial Route 307 and National Route 40. Then, it is 4 km of dirt road to reach the destination. 

Arriving from San Miguel de Tucumán, you must drive 183 km along Provincial Route 307. Alternatively, it is 54 km from Cafayate (Salta) or 35 km from Santa María (Catamarca). 

Public transport is available and connects San Miguel de Tucumán with Amaicha del Valle and Colalao del Valle. Tours can be booked. 

Where to stay

The closest town is Amaicha del Valle, offering several types of accommodation and cuisine options. Cafayate is 50 km away, in Salta, and offers lodging, restaurants and services. 

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