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Yungas of Catamarca


A few kilometres away from the capital city, the dazzle of the mountain jungles in Catamarca marks a sharp contrast with the mountain or Puna landscapes in a very little known area. Ideal to do trekking and mountain bike, bird-watching or just to rest for a few days.


The ideal time to visit is from April to November, to avoid the rainfall season. 

What to see
Túneles de la Merced

Located 4.5 km from La Merced, the main city in the area, are Túneles de la Merced, a mid-20th century railway project that was never completed. The abandoned structures covered with vegetation remain in the place and offer an incomparable setting to do trekking, go on a photographic safari and practise bird-watching. 


Valle de Balcozna

Mountains, dark greens and streams to enjoy the landscape and microclimate. There are several summer villas along the road, like Balcozna, Las Lajas or San Antonio, each offering walking-tours or mountain-bike options.

Over the Balcozna River, you can visit El Saltón, an unforgettable 5-metre waterfall. There is another cascade, Pozo del Gaucho in Monte Potrero, accessed after a 40-minute walk (we recommend going with a guide). Sumampa dam, 2 km away from La Viña, offers sport fishing and nautical activities. Additionally, this is the location in Catamarca with the largest bird biodiversity.

How to get there and move around

La Merced is 54 km off San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, along National Route 38. The best way to tour the area is by car.

Where to stay

La Merced is the main city in the area and offers accommodation and gastronomic options. 

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