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Valle Central de Catamarca


Summer villas, beautiful landscapes and an invitation to rest in the valleys and mountains surrounding San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, the provincial capital city.


Open to visit all year round.

What to see
Cuesta del Portezuelo

A magnificent and winding cornice road that climbs the mountain through lovely landscapes and indulges us into panoramic views of the central valley from a viewpoint. You can continue to the rural town of Anquincila to take a rest by a stream. Some few kilometres further is Ancasti, with La Tunita Archaeological Park.


Myrtle forest

Around 47 km south of the capital city, near Capayán, lies the myrtle forest. These are “arrayanes del cerro” (mountain myrtles, which belong to the family of the Argentine Patagonia myrtle) and, together with other species, they make up a beautiful forest to discover on foot or on horseback. The 11 km-trail departs from Concepción. 

Sierras de Ambato

Alongside Provincial Route 4, connecting the capital city with the summer villas of El Rodeo and Las Juntas, this area of mountains, streams and cascades is ideal to rest. 

For experienced mountaineers, a climb to the 4,500 metre-high El Manchao hill is a wonderful experience. Multiple trails for trekking and horse-riding (occasionally condors can be seen) are an option, too. In Las Pirquitas dam, you can do nautical sports, zip-lining, rappelling and biking.

How to get there and move around

From San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, take National Route 38 to the east; there is a road climbing to Cuesta del Portezuelo (30 km away). To the south, also take National Route 38 that gets to Capayán, where you can discover the myrtle forest (nearly 42 km away). On Provincial Route 4, to the north, you will access a paved road that leads to Las Juntas (52 km away), and arrive in Sierras de Ambato. 

Where to stay

You can stay in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, where there are plenty of lodging and gastronomic offers, and you can visit the various attractions in one or more days.

Another possibility is to organise a trip to the different villages, staying outside the city. Remember that there is a more limited offer in smaller towns; therefore, we advise you to look up and book in advance.

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