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Dunes of Tatón, Saujil and Medanitos


Visiting the Dunes of Tatón, Saujil and Medanitos, north of the town of Fiambalá, is like travelling to the Sahara desert. Boasting the most spectacular landscapes in Argentina, it offers a unique place for you to experience the magic of the desert and enjoy activities such as sand boarding, photographic safaris, and quad bike or 4WD tours.

Open to visitors all year round. The hottest season is between December and March.

What to see
The dunes

Near the town of Saujil, 10 km north of Fiambalá, the so-called "magic dune of Saujil" rises 90 metres with a 45º slope, making it a perfect place for sand boarding.  


Going past Saujil and Medanitos, and travelling 30 km to Tatón, another set of large dunes emerges in the landscape. One of them is the highest in the world, with a peak that reaches 2,845 m.a.s.l., named "Federico Kirbus" in homage to the person who discovered it: a journalist, writer and communicator of the geography, history and curiosities of Argentina and South America.

Fiambalá Hot Springs

Some 17 km from Fiambalá, in a fantastic gorge at the foot of the mountain range, a thermal complex offers stone pools with water at a temperature ranging between 28 °C and 51 °C at 1,750 metres above sea level. The complex has plenty of services.

Adobe Route

Between Tinogasta and Fiambalá, on National Route 60 lies the famous “Adobe Route”, a 55 km circuit that passes through small towns with mansions, ranches, chapels and churches entirely built in adobe.

How to get there and move around

You can get to Fiambalá along National Route 60 (paved route). From there, follow Provincial Route 34 (also paved) for about 13 km to get to Saujil, and then 22 km more to Medanitos, from where you can access the Tatón dunes through a dirt road. It is recommended that you go on a 4WD vehicle and with authorised guides to avoid damaging the dunes.

Where to stay

Fiambalá and Tinogasta offer a wide range of accommodation options and camping sites, and tours can be booked to go to the dunes and other attractions. There are restaurants and grocery stores as well.

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