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Cuesta de Miranda

La Rioja

This spectacular stretch of the legendary Route 40 has one of the most beautiful slopes in Argentina. Between Villa Unión and Chilecito, the cornice road (paved) climbs up to 2,000 m.a.s.l. and offers incredible views. Condors flying over the area enrich the experience.

Open to visitors all year round.

What to see
The river and the trench

The Miranda River goes along the route on this winding 12 km stretch, bordering it through a valley where the green hills and teasels contrast with the red, ochre and orange ground.


The River passes through a gorge known as La Pelea, where military forces entrenched themselves during a battle in 1867.

Trekking along the Camino del Inca

In addition to the car tour, there is a trekking circuit along the Camino del Inca (Inca Trail) that takes you to the gorges in the company of a tour guide.

How to get there and move around

By car on National Route 40, on the section that connects Villa Unión with Chilecito.
From both towns you can take tours with guides to admire and understand the landscape.

Where to stay

Villa Unión (65 km) and Chilecito (45 km) offer a wide variety of services, including various lodging and cuisine options.año Sgasta (20 km) has a camping site and basic accommodation options. 

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