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Talampaya National Park

La Rioja

Boasting walls over 100 metres high and spectacular rock formations, the Talampaya National Park (World Heritage) invites you to travel to prehistoric times amid landscapes that seem like science fiction. 

Open to visitors all year round, although temperatures are very high from December to March, and the Park may close during times of heavy rains. Charged entry.

What to see
Talampaya Canyon Area

Located at km 59 of National Route 76, this area allows access to the imposing Talampaya canyon and marvels at its enormous reddish walls, geoforms and petroglyphs.

  • Vehicle tours (minibuses or 4x4 trucks): the access ticket includes the "Nature and Culture" tour, where you visit the petroglyphs station and a part of the Talampaya canyon (since there are limited places, it is advisable to make a reservation previous). In addition, there are other routes in minibus or 4x4 trucks that can be hired separately.


  • Walking tours: there is a 250-meter self-guided pedestrian path called "Sendero del Triásico", with life-size replicas of the dinosaurs that inhabited the area. There are also four treks, lasting between three and five hours, to get to know the Talampaya canyon, the Shimpa canyon, the Don Eduardo ravine and the Gran Mirador (they take place at organized times and groups, always accompanied by a guide enabled).


  • Bike tours: there are several guided tours that can be done by bike, of different levels of difficulty and duration. Some combine walks to reach the highlights of the park. More information on the departures and the authorized providers on the National Parks website.


If the trip coincides with the dates of the full moon, you can have a unique experience touring the park at night.

Rainbow Canyon - Lost City Area

At km 45 of National Route 76, another park entrance leads to the Cañón Arco Iris - Ciudad Perdida service area, which has an information office and kiosk. From here, two vehicular excursions depart that include walks through labyrinths of rocks. One arrives at Ciudad Perdida (4 and a half hours) and the other at Arco Iris Canyon (3 hours and a half).

How to get there and move around

By car or excursion from the town of Villa Unión (60 km), the city of La Rioja (220 km) or the city of San Juan (286 km).

Talampaya is crossed by National Route 76 through which there are regular bus services that connect the city of La Rioja or the town of Patquía with Pagancillo, the closest town to the park, 30 km away.

Where to stay

De carro ou excursão da cidade de Villa Unión (60 km), da cidade de La Rioja (220 km) ou da cidade de San Juan (286 km).

Talampaya é atravessada pela Rota Nacional 76, através da qual existem serviços regulares de ônibus que ligam a cidade de La Rioja ou a cidade de Patquía com Pagancillo, a cidade mais próxima do parque, a 30 km de distância.

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