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Bosques Telteca Nature Reserve


This desert region, with large sandbanks and carob forests where the Huarpes aboriginal communities still live, invites you to discover what Mendoza was like before the construction of the dams and irrigation canals. It is also an ideal destination for birdwatchers.

Open from March to November.

What to see

At the entrance to the park, there is an information centre with a Ranger station where the interpretive trails begin. Other three trails of low and medium difficulty begin at the El Pichón Ranger station and can be followed in a 9 km route that takes 4.5 hours. On Las Hormigas trail, there is a great panoramic point where the Aconcagua Mountain can be seen on clear days.

The place has a service area to spend the day.

Ripe fruit of carob tree

Telteca preserves the original landscapes of eastern Mendoza and is home to Huarpe native communities that maintain a deep bond with carob trees and their fruit, the carob, which they use to prepare food and drinks. In fact, the name Telteca derives from their language (“Teñc” ripe and “Teca” fruit): “ripe fruit of carob tree”.

The desert birds

In Telteca there are several species highly sought after by birdwatchers, such as the crested gallito, the Chaco rufous-legged owl and the yellow cardinal. With a bit of luck, Chaco eagles can also be seen.

How to get there and move around

Some 15 km span from Mendoza capital city along Provincial Route 34 and National Route 142 (all paved) to the park entrance. You can go by car or on a tour.


There is not any regular line service to the reserve, only to Lavalle (80 km away).

Where to stay

In Mendoza capital city, there is a wide variety of accommodation and cuisine options. Some basic lodgings can also be found in Lavalle.

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