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Payunia of the Pampas

La Pampa

In the west of La Pampa province, on the border with Mendoza province, this rugged region shared by both provinces concentrates more than 800 volcanic cones and is one of the strangest desert landscapes in Argentina. A solitary place, ideal for climbing hills, horseback riding, photographic safaris or walks.

Open to visit between March and December.

What to see

This small town invites you to visit the Cueva de Halada, a mysterious cavern created by volcanic lava. Its entrance hole is 1 metre in diameter, and inside it, the galleries exceed 350 metres long all combined. This private property harbours the El Escorial volcano, which can be visited through a signposted, low-difficulty mountain trail (850 metres m.a.s.l.).

To visit the place, learn about its access gates and road conditions, contact the Municipality of Puelén and hire local guides.

La Humada

From this town you can climb Cerro Negro on foot, the highest hill in La Pampa (1,188 metres) along a signposted, low-difficulty path. From the top, you can see the great volcanoes of Payunia: Nevado, Payún Matrú, Payún Liso, and Chachauén.

Algarrobo del Águila

Located on the Atuel River, the beaches invite you to practise kayaking. A few kilometres away, a landscape of steep slopes predominates with viewpoints to appreciate the immensity of the west of the Pampas.

How to get there and move around

Puelén and Algarrobo del Águila are on National Route 151, which is paved, but must be travelled with extreme caution due to the condition of the road. The closest towns are 25 de Mayo and Santa Isabel.


La Humada is 390 km west of Santa Rosa along Provincial Routes 12 and 10, and 80 km from Algarrobo del Águila along Provincial Route 10 (dirt road in good condition).

Where to stay

Puelén, 25 de Mayo, Algarrobo del Águila and Santa Isabel offer accommodation options and services such as restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores.

More information

Municipality of Puelén. Tourist contact phone: +54 9 2954 62-7310