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Pehuen-Có and Monte Hermoso

Buenos Aires

The south-west of Buenos Aires holds some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal areas of the province as well as unique palaeontological sites.

Open to visitors all year round. To enjoy the sun and the beach, you can go from December to March.

What to see
Pehuen-Có - Monte Hermoso Nature Reserve

Between Pehuen-Có and Monte Hermoso, you will encounter this geological, palaeontological and archaeological reserve on the beach with access from both towns. Traces of thousands and even millions of years can be seen here, including vertebrate fossils, fossilised footprints and traces of prehistoric animals (the megatherium, a giant sloth, glyptodonts, mastodons and sabre-toothed tigers) and human footprints from 7 thousand years ago. It is recommended to go in the company of a guide as they are not always easy to distinguish. Free-of-charge.


To improve your experience, you should first visit the Vicente Di Martino Natural Science Museum in Monte Hermoso.

Sunset on the sea

Due to their location, the beaches of Monte Hermoso and other beaches in the south of Buenos Aires provide the perfect setting to enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the sea. Most are wild beaches.

Nature Reserve of Bahía Blanca, Bahía Falsa and Bahía Verde 

105 km away from Monte Hermoso and 10 km away from Bahía Blanca, you can sail from Ingeniero White port and visit Bermejo Island, one of the many islands of the estuary. Occasionally, tortoises, dolphins and even southern right whales can be spotted.

How to get there and move around

By car or regular bus services to Bahía Blanca and Monte Hermoso (both are 635 km from Buenos Aires along National Route 3). All roads are paved. 


Also, trains departing from Buenos Aires arrive in Bahía Blanca. From there to Monte Hermoso, there is a 105 km paved road leg along National Route 3 and Provincial route 78.

Where to stay

Both Pehuen-Có and Monte Hermoso and Bahía Blanca offer a wide range of lodging and cuisine options.

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