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Lagoons in Santa Fe province

Santa Fe

The south of Santa Fe province is home to 2 lagoons with a wealth and abundance of waterbirds (both resident and migratory), as well as nautical activities and sport fishing.

Open to visitors all year round. Check the calendar for bird-watching. To enjoy the sun, the beach and nautical activities, go from December to March.

What to see
Laguna Melincué Nature Reserve

Considered the largest wetland in the south of Santa Fe, this Nature Reserve is internationally recognised as an important residence site for the Andean flamingo, which finds a shelter here to nest.


The environment harbours a wealth of water birds, both resident and migratory of regional and hemispheric level. In addition, its waters have therapeutic properties and healing muds; that is the reason why it was declared Capital of Thermal Tourism of the province.


You can go windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, open water swimming and kayaking. Sport fishing, running, hiking in the surroundings and bird watching are more options to enjoy.


Isla Mayor (one of the 6 in the lagoon) harbours the ruins of the Hotel Balneario, an old complex abandoned in 1975 after two large flooding events.

La Picasa Lagoon

Formed by several lagoons and wetlands, it is a popular destination for anglers. Excursions with fishing guides are available.

How to get there and move around

You can go to Melincué by car or bus (there are regular services). It is 346 km away from the City of Buenos Aires along National Route 8 up to Hughes and Provincial Route 93 to the north. From Rosario (118 km away), you can access through National Route 33 up to Firmat and Provincial Route 93 to the south.


La Picasa is 386 km from Buenos Aires through National Route 7. You can get there by car, bus (there are regular services through National Route 7) or train (the nearest station is Iriarte, 30 km away).

Where to stay

Melincué has a camping site, accommodation (hotels and cabins) and a wide range of gastronomic options.


There is a camping site in La Picasa. The nearest cities with accommodation and restaurant options are Vedia (in the province of Buenos Aires, 66 km away) and Rufino (in Santa Fe, 114 km away), both on National Route 7.

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