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Sierras de Tandil

Buenos Aires

Famous for its cuisine, Tandil harbours several parks and reserves to combine days of relaxation with outdoor activities, so as to enjoy landscapes of mountains formed millions of years ago.

Open to visitors all year round. To enjoy outdoor activities, the best time is from September to April.

What to see
La Movediza Lithic Park 

Located 3 km away from the centre of Tandil, it is one of the greatest attractions and symbols of the city: a large 300-ton stone that was kept in balance for hundreds of years. However, in 1912 the "moving stone" fell at the foot of the hill and broke into several pieces. In 2007, a replica was erected and today it is accessible through a path that offers the great view that surrounds the hill.

Cerro El Centinela

It is 4 km away from the centre. On this hill there is a giant stone with a geological history similar to that of La Movediza, which can be reached through a path surrounded by aromos and eucalyptus. From the top you can take a chairlift ride and enjoy the beautiful view of the city and its surroundings.

Adventure tourism

Tandil offers different adventure experiences to live on land, water and air. With authorized providers, there are many activities: trails for walking and pedaling, horseback riding, kayaking, climbing, rappelling, zip-lining, arborism, among others.

Monte Calvario

This religious theme park is about 15 blocks from the center and is one of the emblematic places of Tandil. You can walk along a zigzagging path between pines and eucalyptus trees until you reach the top crowned by a sculpture of Christ on the cross. At the base of the hill there are local gastronomy and sale of handicrafts.

Cuisine tradition

The city is famous for its very good gastronomy and the pairing of locally made picadas with the heritage of immigration. Throughout the city there are numerous upscale restaurants and gastronomic stalls.

How to get there and move around

The city of Tandil is 356 km from Buenos Aires. There are bus services from Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata (173 km) and Bahía Blanca (370 km). Most of the attractions are near the city: if you do not go by car, there are taxis or private cars, and many sites can even be reached on foot or by bike.

Where to stay

The town of Tandil offers a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from camping sites to hostels, inns, cabins, hotels and bed & breakfasts. It also has numerous restaurants and food stores with delicious local products.

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