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Lago Lugano Ecological Reserve

City of Buenos Aires

Metres away from the Riachuelo, in the south of the city, the trails and viewpoints of the Lago Lugano Ecological Reserve propose a journey of intimacy across nature with more than 150 species of birds, including some migratory individuals that use the lake as a stop in their long trips.

Open to visitors all year round, from Tuesday to Friday. Free-of-charge.

What to see
The biodiversity of three eco-regions

The reserve exhibits the three eco-regions of the northeast of Buenos Aires. It is an example of ecological restoration within the urban environment, which features a biological corridor as a biodiversity node connecting the green areas of the City of Buenos Aires, and positioning itself as a key site for environmental education and scientific research. You can walk along the paths and stop at several viewpoints.

The lake

The reserve takes its name from one of the largest artificial lakes of the City of Buenos Aires which was formed on an old arm of the Riachuelo little river. A few metres away lies the Cildáñez stream before its mouth. 

How to get there and move around

The reserve has two entrances: one on 4000 Roca Avenue (first, you enter the Roca Park and after a 300-metre path at the margin of the lake, you will see the entrance). The other entrance is on 27 de Febrero Avenue, 600 metres from the junction with Escalada Avenue, 20 metres before the Olympic bridge.


You can get there by car, taxi or bus lines 91, 28 and 115.

Where to stay

The reserve is within the City of Buenos Aires, which has a wide range of accommodation and cuisine options.

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