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Sierras de la Ventana

Buenos Aires

Sierras de la Ventana has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Buenos Aires. It is an Andean region that includes the towns of Tornquist, San Andrés de la Sierra, Villa Serrana La Gruta, Villa Ventana, Sierra de la Ventana and Saldungaray. An ideal region to rest and enjoy outdoor experiences such as trekking, climbing or horse riding in the mountains.

Open to visitors all year round. To enjoy river beaches, go from December to March. To enjoy outdoor activities, the best time is from September to April.

What to see
Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park

Some 10 km away from the town of Villa Ventana, the Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park has trails of different difficulty levels. It protects the flora and fauna of the south-west of Buenos Aires and safeguards cave paintings of more than 1,500 years made by hunter-gatherers who inhabited the region.


The park is divided into two areas, both with access from Provincial Route 76 (paved) and separated 4 km away from each other. The base area of Cerro Bahía Blanca offers several trails to enjoy the views, visit the cave paintings as well as the Pillahuincó botanical garden. The foot of Cerro Ventana has a viewpoint, several trails and the ascent to Cerro Ventana: it is a medium-high difficulty trail, with different stages and changing slopes, alongside a beautiful landscape. 


At the park’s Visitor Centre, you can get information and hire a guide. 

Cerro Tres Picos (Three Peak Hill)

With an elevation of 1,239 metres, Cerro Tres Picos is the highest point of Buenos Aires and one of the main destinations chosen by those who go trekking in the province. The ascent starts from the Funke country estate that offers different walking trails, a mountain lodge, tourist residences, a camping site and guide service (book in advance).


The ascent and the descent can be done during daytime, or you may stay at Cueva de Los Guanacos wild camp, 1,000 metres high, for the night.

Reserva Natural Sierras Grandes

9 km from the town of Sierra de la Ventana, the Sierras Grandes Nature Reserve protects around 700 species of flora and fauna, in the midst of some of the oldest geological formations on the continent with hills over a thousand meters high. There are 2,700 hectares in total, and together with the Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park, they make up the largest area of biodiversity in the province of Buenos Aires.


There are seven circuits to explore in the company of authorized guides, from hikes with gentle ascents along streams and reaching natural pools, to more demanding and full-day hikes to reach the summit of the Vavacuá and La Carpa hills (980 and 1060 masl).

Ecotourism and beach resorts

Sierra de la Ventana is a particularly good area for ecotourism: in addition to its scenic beauty, the area harbours several plants and animals not found anywhere else in the world, such as the Casuhatien anole lizard (pristidactylus casuhatiensis) and the red belly toad (melanophryniscus stelzneri).


The whole region has resorts that offer services in mountain streams, some even with small waterfalls.

How to get there and move around

Sierra de la Ventana is 564 km away from Buenos Aires along National Route 3 and Provincial Routes 76 and 72, and 108 km away from Bahía Blanca along Provincial Routes 51 and 76. 


You can get there by bus (there are regular services to Tornquist and Sierra de la Ventana) or by train (departing from Buenos Aires and Bahía Blanca and arriving in Tornquist).

Where to stay

The largest offer of accommodation, camp sites and restaurants can be found in the towns of Sierra de la Ventana, Villa Ventana and Tornquist. Camping is available at Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park and Cerro Tres Picos.

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