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Lagoons in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

The countless lagoons scattered across Buenos Aires make beautiful weekend destinations to enjoy the sun and the beach, practise water sports and sport fishing.

Open to visitors all year round. To enjoy the sun, the beach and nautical activities, you can go from December to March. The sport-fishing season varies according to the species, check in advance.

What to see
Gómez Lagoon

In the northeast of the province, near Junín, the Laguna de Gómez Natural Park is a 200-ha nature area of great flora and fauna biodiversity. In the lagoon, there is a tree-covered zone with a recreational and service area. On these resorts, you can find sand beaches and practise nautical activities. In winter, the main attraction of the lagoon is sport fishing in search of its most representative species, the silverside.

Lobos Lagoon

Lobos Lagoon is an ideal place to enjoy nature, walk along the boardwalk and practise bird watching. Boat sailing and rowing, kayaking, kitesurfing and windsurfing are other options too. Next to the lagoon, there is a quiet tourist village with tree-lined streets and places to eat, clubs and camping sites on the boardwalk. At weekends, night talks about astro-tourism are organised (book in advance at the Lobos Tourist Office). 


You can also go parachuting, paragliding and gliding in a site 11 km away from the lagoon.

San Miguel del Monte Lagoon

A beautiful place to ride a bike, go horse riding, sail and walk along the boardwalk, which has a tree-covered recreational area and accommodation, restaurant and sports and fishing operators. A great place for bird-watchers.

Chascomús Lagoon

This lagoon is part of the chain of lakes of the Salado River, a wetland system of great biological diversity. You can visit it on foot, by bike or by car. It is a very good place to go boating, rent recreational boats, go kitesurfing, windsurfing and kayaking, or practise silverside sport fishing.


The city has a wide variety of places to eat and stay and cultural and historical attractions. The country estates in the area invite you to spend a day in the countryside or enjoy a weekend getaway.

Cochicó Lagoon

Some 20 km away from the town of Guaminí, the Cochicó lagoon is part of the "Complejo Lacustre Las Encadenadas” (Chain of lakes complex) or "Encadenadas del Oeste” (Chain of the west), a wetland system of great global importance for its environmental characteristics and biodiversity. 


One of the most typical birds in the area is the Chilean flamingo with its big size and pink colour. It is also a very popular lagoon for fishing.


You can practise nautical activities at the Cochicó Touristic Villa resort, which also offers a wide variety of gastronomic services. The town of Guaminí, next to Laguna del Monte, offers cultural and historical circuits, and heritage linked to the Caminos de Salamone.

Lake Epecuén

Also known as the "Sea of Epecuén", it is famous for the healing properties of its highly saline waters that turned it into one of the main destinations of the province for thermal tourism. 


You can also visit the ruins of the former tourist village Lake Epecuén that submerged after a flood in 1985. It is a great place to observe migratory birds, especially Chilean flamingoes, go on photographic safaris and see works of the renowned architect Francisco Salamone.

Laguna La Brava

37 km from the town of Balcarce, this hidden paradise in the mountains has been protected since 1918. Its 420-hectare mirror of water is ideal for kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. It is also a good place to go for a walk, ride a horse, watch birds or simply to disconnect and enjoy its sunsets.

How to get there and move around

All main routes are paved. There are regular bus services to Junín, Chascomús, Lobos, San Miguel del Monte, Guaminí and Carhué. Trains also travel to Junín, Chascomús, Lobos and San Miguel del Monte.

Where to stay

All locations offer accommodation, camping sites, cabins, hotels, apartments and rental houses or apartments. In addition, on the banks of the lagoons there are camping sites, cabins and tourist residences.

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