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Reach the top of the highest peaks

Climbing the highest peaks of the Andes Mountain Range is a challenge that every year attracts climbers and mountaineers from the world over. Mountains, hills and volcanoes over 6 thousand metres high and the giant Aconcagua are the great goals of the High Andes.

If you are an experienced mountaineer, set out for the top. Or else, enjoy the landscape by doing long or short treks. Always remember to hire certified guides for information about the routes and the conditions of the terrain.

Mendoza: Aconcagua Mountain (6,961 metres above sea level) and other lower peaks in the Matienzo Ravine, within Aconcagua Provincial Park. Outside Aconcagua Provincial Park, Cordón del Tigre (with several peaks of up to 5,600 metres above sea level), Arenales Mountain (3,400 metres above sea level), Andresito (3,200 metres above sea level), Huaerpe (5,050 metres above sea level) and Maipo Volcano (5,323 metres above sea level).

San Juan: Ansilta Mountain Range (with 7 peaks over 5,000 metres above sea level) and Mercedario Mountain (6,760 metres above sea level).

La Rioja: Bonete Chico Mountain (6,760 metres above sea level), Bonete Grande Mountain (5,943 metres above sea level) and Veladero (6,436 metres above sea level).

Catamarca: Pissis Volcano (6,795 metres above sea level), and the volcanoes and mountains along the Seismiles Route (over 6,000 metres above sea level).


When: December through April (depending on the summit you want to climb)

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