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Bañado La Estrella


It is one of the largest wetlands in South America and a natural paradise. It is in the northwest of Formosa and was chosen as one of the Natural Wonders of Argentina.

It covers some 400 thousand hectares of lagoons, marshes, palm groves and "champales" (flooded forests covered by vines), and its tourist proposals are varied: ecotourism, photographic safaris and bird and fauna observation.

It can be visited all year round. From April to September it is ideal to see a great variety of fauna. The hottest months are from December to March.

What to see
Fortín La Soledad

The main access to Bañado La Estrella is Fortín La Soledad, a small village 65 km from the town of Las Lomitas, which is reached by a dirt road (provincial route 32). From here you can hire excursions to tour the Bañado —such as canoe or boat rides, horseback riding and guided walks with local people— and discover its wonderful fauna: there are alligators, capybaras, curiyú boas, corzuelas and more than 300 species of birds. The jabiru —the largest stork in the Americas— and other aquatic birds that stand out.

In Fortín La Soledad there are some accommodations where you can spend the night and gastronomic proposals (see section “Where to stay”).

El Vertedero

The place with the easiest access to Bañado La Estrella is El Vertedero, where Provincial Route 28 (paved) crosses the wetland. A hydrovial work was built there for water management and it is a great place to see all kinds of birds or fish. It is 45 km from Las Lomitas.

Indigenous communities

This region is not only an approach to an overflowing nature, but also to the traditions of different towns and communities that live in an environment shaped by the Pilcomayo River. Both in Fortín La Soledad and in the vicinity of Provincial Route 28, there are trails for walking in the company of the Pilagá "Campo del Cielo" community.

How to get there and move around

Las Lomitas is 300 km from th city of Formosa, by national route 81 (paved). You can access Fortín La Soledad (via Provincial Route 32, unpaved) or El Vertedero (provincial Route 28, paved) on your own.

A bus company connects the city of Formosa with Las Lomitas. Excursions are also organized with tourist providers from Formosa capital or Resistencia (Chaco).

Where to stay

Las Lomitas has various accommodations, as well as a petrol station and restaurants. In Fortín La Soledad, community tourism is offered with guided tours and lessons from the town of Pilagá, cultural talks and the possibility of lodging with local people. There are campsites on Provincial Route 28 and in Fortín La Soledad.

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